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3-18-2020 Announcement 通啟
主內弟兄姊妹們平安: 關於冠狀病毒COVID-19的疫情,根據近日各方更明確的報告與政府部門最新的規定,教會照著主的恩典與托付,有需要來幫助眾聖徒們避開目前會被感染的明確可能性,並且面臨染病時醫療系統資源可能會嚴重不足的狀況。 同時更重要的是要我們受主的激勵,持續地活在祂面前,在正常的教會生活中,領受屬靈的供應和神自己的引導。 據此,在疫情發展的這段時間內,從這主日(3/15)早上的聚會開始,所有的教會聚會都改由個人在家中上網進行。 服事的弟兄們在教會的網站(上,設立了上網聚會的簡易方式,只需要在 ”網上聚會” 的項目下,點擊 ”主日網上聚會” 即可進入。以同樣簡易的方式,也可以點擊進入主日兒童聚會或週三晚上的禱告聚會。 盼望我們都盡力聯絡周圍的聖徒們,幫助每一位上網進入聚會中。若有聖徒缺少上網所需的工具或網路服務,也請告知教會,好為他們預備。 若有聖徒因故願意要到會所參加聚會,或是尋求幫助設定個人上網的工具等,都是歡然受接納的。 我們還需要多多彼此代禱,好叫所發生的萬事都按神話所應許的,為愛祂的聖徒們效力。我們也要特別警醒關注,使聖徒們都在主裡得安慰,受聖靈引導,將信心拋錨在主的身上。 願主持續建造祂的教會,祂的身體和祂的新婦。阿們。 服事的弟兄們
Dear Saints,
As of Tuesday (3/17) the Santa Clara County government has issued a “Shelter-in-Place” order that requires all to remain in their respective homes and forbids us to come together and meet as usual in the meeting Hall for the coming three weeks.
Praise the Lord for we are not prevented from meeting ONLINE out of our individual places and in spirit. And we have full confidence that the Lord, as the life-giving Spirit, will be with us always as He has promise, even when we have to meet in this way. (Matt 28:20)
All church meetings accordingly will continue, online and following the regular schedules. We encourage all saints to continue in so meeting together, and so much more as we see His Day approaching. (Heb 10:25)
The serving brothers have worked to make the process easier. All one needs to do is to go to the church’s website at and click on the “Online Meetings” link. It will open to reveal links for each meeting one will attend. Click the respective meeting link and one will be at the next screen and into the meeting as intended. (Note 1 & 2) Then please release your spirit to join in the singing, praying, reading and sharing as is appropriate, to enjoy the Lord with all the saints for He is among us. Hallelujah.
We all look forward to seeing one another in the meetings. Let us inform, help and encourage all the saints around us individually. How we need our Lord especially at this time! May grace and peace be with all God’s children and those who earnestly seek Him.
The Serving Brothers
- Note 1: When coming to the church’s website to click and join in an online meeting for the first time, the screen will firstly open to give instructions to download a small piece of ZOOM software or a ZOOM App. Accept it and follow through with the Signup. Then one will be ready to attend any meeting without going through this procedure again.
- Note 2: If there is any technical or usage difficulties or any feedback or suggestion for improvements, Please contact the serving brother as indicated on this website.

Online Prayer Room 網上禱告室